The best way to listen to music online

One of the things I enjoy most is vaping a good e-cigarette while listening to music online. Sites such as Pandora, Spotify, and Vevo are some of the most visited sites. And one of the greatest things about listening to music online is that you can highly customize what you’re listening to. It’s safe to say that the Internet on the whole has been really good for the music world.

Today, you have quite a few options for listening to music. One is to simply listen for free using sites like Pandora or Spotify. This is similar to listening to a radio station, and you will be subjected to quite a few commercials. At most sites, you can upgrade to a premium account and be able to skip the commercials completely. This usually ends up costing you around $10 a month.

Another option is to simply purchase the songs you like. I prefer this method because I actually own the songs, and do not have to keep paying a subscription fee to listen to the music. With that being said, I’ll be the first to admit that buying songs can be a hit to your wallet. Most music or mp3 vendors like Amazon charge $1.29 per song. This is a bit high in my opinion, and perhaps that’s why so many people to this day illegally download songs on applications like eMule or by using other software.

But not long ago, I found a better option that is legal and safe. That’s to buy the MP3 files from foreign MP sites like Mp3caprice or Melodishop. If you purchase from these foreign sellers, you can obtain relatively high quality MP3 files for around $0.10 per file. Note that this is a fraction of what you’d pay at most music download sites. I download songs this way almost daily, and the last one I downloaded was ‘Could Have Been Me’ from

The only downside is to use such sites, you first need to make a deposit, and the deposits are usually a minimum of $20 – $30. However, after you make your initial deposit, you can literally download hundreds of files. It’s conceivable that the deposit you make will last you for years, depending on how many files you download. Therefore, although there is an upfront cost, using this method to purchase MP3 files will still save you a great deal of money long term. But this is just one of the ways you can save money on the Internet. You can get other ideas about saving money on things like E-cigarettes and E-liquids by going to E-cigbargain’s facebook page.

So if you want to own your music, stop using expensive download sites or subscription sites, and be sure to give foreign MP3 sites a try.