Two ways to add security to your business using backup systems and Deluxe

I’ve been the victim of data loss on a number of occasions, and they typically occur suddenly and unexpectedly. A hard drive can fail at any moment, and unfortunately the results can be devastating. This is especially true if you run a business or manage financial matters on your computer.

carbonite screenshotIt goes without saying that having some sort of method of backing up files is absolutely essential. For a long time, I used a backup hard drive, but to be honest, I was not very diligent about making backups. I would sometimes go weeks or months without making necessary backups.

These days, I use a backup service called Carbonite, which automates all the tasks. Once installed, the program runs on your computer and conducts all backup tasks “behind the scenes” while you’re doing other things on the computer. As far as I can tell, Carbonite does not use a lot of resources either.

As for price, Carbonite is quite affordable, costing around $60 a year, which ends up being about $5 per month. Before signing up, I used a free trial for 14 days so I understood exactly how the program works.  If you already know you want to purchase Carbonite, however, you can take advantage of  carbonite coupon code from various shopping sites get 30% off of the regular price of the software.

Regardless of whether or not you use Carbonite, it’s important that you use some type of backup solution. Other options you might consider include Norton 360, Idrive, and CrashPlan. For a full list of great backup services, check out this article on PCMag. If possible, make sure you get a free trial for any of these programs so you have a chance to check out how they work before placing an order.

Something else you should be doing at your business is buying high-security checks from companies like Deluxe. Check fraud, unfortunately, is still a large issue that plagues many businesses. The best way around this is to invest a bit of extra cash upfront by purchasing high-security checks. By using Deluxe Checks Coupons, you can get such checks at a relatively low price. Get the most recent Deluxe discount codes here. It’s important to remember that you should also buy as many checks as possible in a single order, since this will also bring down the price you pay.

You can also add security to your business by moving away from paper checks altogether and using Deluxe eChecks instead. This eliminates the possibility that a lost or stolen check will be cashed in by somebody who does not own the check. An eCheck will be sent directly to the recipient’s email address, and they will then be able to print and deposit the check.