It’s never too late for true love if you use eHarmony

Last week, I wrote a post about using for free. Today, I’d like to spend some time talking about one of Match’com’s main competitors, eHarmony.

Many of my friends give up on meeting someone or searching for love once they hit their 40s or 50s. And I’ll admit, years ago, it must have been difficult for people in such age ranges to meet eligible singles in the same age group.

This all changed overnight as the Internet brought us online dating sites. Now, it almost doesn’t matter what demographic you belong to. As long as you have an Internet connection, you have no excuse for giving up the search for true love.

Some sites, such as Ourtime even target people who are above a certain age. Other sites target things like religion, politics, or other characteristics that people who date may be looking for.

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While such sites may seem to have a lot of appeal, I find nothing wrong with using more popular, general dating web sites like eHarmony. After all, such sites are geared toward matching you with people you will be most compatible with. While the system they use is complex, age is one of the criteria that is used to find your matches. To get a free trial of eHarmony, just go to

One potential hurdle for older people is getting used to the idea of online dating. Keep in mind, these people grew up in a time before the Internet was invented. The whole notion of finding love online may therefore feel a bit strange or even unnatural to them. I suspect this will change however, as the Internet gets more and more prevalent in our everyday lives. And as older people hear more and more success stories from people who have successfully found love online, they may become a lot more receptive to the idea.

I certainly hope this will be the case, since nobody should have to live their lives alone unless that is their preference. Dating sites like eHarmony can be a powerful tool for older people in search of love, and it is in their best interest to take full advantage of it.