Introduction and Welcome

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I’m not going to lie. The last 10 years of life have been a bit harsh. I not only lost my home, but also a lot of money through bad investments. Just about ever real estate investment I put money in prior to 2007 ended up going belly up. This included condominium projects, mortgage paper, and rental units.  All said, I lost almost all of my assets during this period.

When times are rough, there can certainly be a domino effect, and through this difficult time, other aspects of my life began to fall apart as well. This culminated with serious health problems that landed me in the hospital. At the time, I did not have good insurance, (this happened before the ACA kicked in) and I therefore ended up taking an additional financial hit.

SInce that time, I’ve slowly managed to recover physically, mentally, and financially. I realized that nothing happens overnight, but that you have to chip away and make small progress each day to reach your goals. I decided to start this website to help anyone who might be facing challenges in their life. To this end, I will focus on 3 things.

  1. Personal Finance
    You need to have your financial house in order first and foremost. But most Americans are surprisingly ignorant about personal finance. I recommend everyone get a program like Quicken, and also read a few books about investments and wealth. A good place to start may be the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books. For those who don’t know, these books are considered classics and help individuals understand the basics of building wealth.Another topic this site will be devoted to is saving money, which goes hand in hand with personal finance. My focus will be on online shopping and using tools on the Internet to make wise financial decisions. I will be sharing online coupons and plenty of tips on how to hunt for bargains on the Internet. I truly believe that the Internet is a great resource for finding ways to save money. I use it all time to to get great deals, and purchase most items on the Internet these days.
    A good site to visit to learn more about personal finance is Forbe’s personal finance page.
  2. Physical Health
    It’s not easy to be healthy in today’s world. Instead of giving you a strict regimen to follow, I believe in taking baby steps. To this end, I will be sharing a number of tips to improve your health. This can include things like switching to E-cigarettes, taking daily vitamins, and simple exercises you can do.No one thing will revolutionize your physical health, but if you start making habits of doing small things that are good for you, don’t be surprised if after a few months you start looking and feeling a lot better.
  3. Using the Internet
    We’re all online these days, but I continue to believe the Internet is an underutilized resource. I think the main problem is that so many people use the Internet strictly as a social or entertainment outlet. While the web is great for such purposes, the greatest strength of the Internet in my opinion is its value as a research tool.I spend all my time online, and come across lots of great information, great sites, and neat tools I can use to improve the quality of my life. I will be sharing these finds with you in future posts.

It’s also important to set concrete goals. You can say things to yourself like you’re going to start saving money, but such a vague goal usually does not yield results. It’s better to make a specific goal, such as telling yourself you will set aside 10 percent of your income and put it into a savings account. Another example could be creating a budget and allocating a maximum number of dollars to spend each month on certain expenses.

I used to not track my spending at all. But this all changes years ago when I started using financial software such as Quicken. I also use spreadsheets to track my investments and personal spending. These two things alone have contributed greatly to living a much more financially responsible life.

I suppose I’ve rambled enough for my first most. The main theme, in case you haven’t noticed yet, is that knowledge is power. I hope to help you learn how to harness the power of the Internet to become more well-informed about health, finances, and how to shop and save money.  This is my goal. Now that life has gotten better for me, I aim to give something back to others. I learned a lot from my mistakes, and maybe by sharing some of what I found out the hard way, I can save some of you from making the same mistakes in life that I made.

In my next post, I will be talking about how you can get free shipping for vitamins.