If you can’t quit smoking, at least make the switch to Volcano e-cigs

Each year, thousands of people try to quit smoking, and many of them fail. This isn’t because of any lack of desire to quit on their part. The unfortunate reality is that quitting smoking can be an enormously difficult thing to do. In fact, nicotine is commonly considered to be one of the most addictive substances on the planet. It’s no wonder then, that so many people can’t quite kick the habit.

Volcano Ecig CouponsBut quitting smoking does not have to be an all or nothing deal. One thing you can do is stop using tobacco products and instead use e-cigarettes instead. E-cigarettes allow you to inhale vapor instead of smoke, and is thus considered to be better for your lungs by many people. You still get nicotine from the vapor you inhale, so e-cigarettes can satisfy your nicotine cravings. That said, e-cigarettes don’t have tar and other cancer causing substances, so it’s still a step above from smoking, at least in terms of your health. They are also quite safe and pose absolutely no fire hazard, unlike smoking.

Good e-cigarette, such as the ones you might get from Volcano Ecig, will make the experience of vaping (the term used for the act of using an e-cig) very similar to the experience of smoking. If you use a tobacco flavored e-liquid, the transition should be relatively easy.

An added benefit to using e-cigarettes is that they are a lot cheaper. By using Volcano Ecig coupons and buying my e-cigs over the Internet, I estimate that I save about a hundred dollars a month. (For a list of current coupons and promo codes from Volcano, go to this e-cigarette coupon page.) Many people who switch end up saving even more. Just think of all the things you can do with that extra money.

So the bottom line is that e-cigarettes cost less and in all likelihood are much better for your health as well. Making the switch to using e-cigarettes should therefore be a no-brainer. Using e-cigarettes is something that might take some getting used to, but in the end, I think most people who switch over are happy they did. Without question, quitting nicotine products altogether is the best option. But for those of us who can’t quite make that drastic change in our lives, e-cigarettes provide a really good compromise.