How to reduce the amount of paper you use and save on ink

Ever since I’ve run a business, I’ve noticed that the most frequent purchases I make are for paper and ink. No matter how hard I try, there seems to always be a certain amount of printing I must do. However, it’s also true that there are quite a few methods you can use to reduce the amount of paper and ink that you use. This can ultimately translate into sizable savings for your business.

Granted, things like email and electronic checks have already reduced the amount of paper I use to a significant degree. But equally important, you can use less paper and ink by relying more on electronic receipts. This can be a PDF, an email, or any other form of receipt you receive. All electronic receipts must have the vendor’s name and address, transaction date and the amount paid.

The easiest way to manage your electronic receipts is to store them in special folders. You can also create subfolders for different categories of expenses or dates. The main challenge for me has been organizing the folders in a sensible way. If you don’t have tons of receipts, I think arranging them by month is the easiest.

Ever since I began doing this, I noticed that I use far less ink and paper. But I still do end up printing some documents out of convenience. The cheapest inks I’ve been able to find have been from inkfarm. At this store, you can use inkfarm coupons and save additional money by purchasing used or non-OEM cartridges. I like to get my InkFarm Coupons, promo codes, and discounts from the site,

As for saving on paper, I find that Walmart has the lowest prices for computer paper. I usually try to buy in bulk to get the best deal possible.