Can You Use For Free?

The Internet has spoiled us in many ways. Many things that used to cost money, like movies, are now free. Even entertainment is oftentimes free on the Internet. Just think of all the videos, music, and games you can play online at no cost.

It comes as no real surprise then, that when it comes to online dating, many people search for a free solution as well. And to some extent, it’s possible to use dating sites for free. Some of them, such as Okcupid, are actually free to use. But the higher quality dating sites such as and Eharmony, however, typically will cost you a decent chunk of money. free trialIf you are really serious about finding a quality date or even a soulmate, I would not hesitate on paying the subscription fees for sites like After all, this is your love life we’re talking about. Looking for discounts for things like household items or office supplies is one thing. But for something as potentially life changing as the love of your life, why take the chance with an inferior, free website?

That said, it is possible to use some features of good dating sites like for free. Setting up an account, creating a profile, and searching other members, for example, are all things that won’t you cost you anything.  When you reach a point where you would like to start communicating with other members, you typically have two options. The first is to get yourself a free trial. This allows you to use all the features of the site, but as with all things, there is catch. The free trial only lasts for 3 days, so you likely won’t get too far on your online dating journey in such a short span of time.  Nevertheless, click the following link if you want to get the free trial of

The other option is to just bite the bullet and get a subscription. Fortunately, the site is reasonably priced compared to many competitors. If you purchase a long-term subscription that lasts, say, 6 months, your monthly cost will be under $20. That’s the price of one modest dinner, and well worth the price in my opinion given that there are millions of eligible singles on